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Using our experience, energy and passion, we would like to professionally and responsibly contribute to overcoming the challenges facing society today. We all have the talent and potential to realize our dreams. Sometimes it takes courage to follow one’s own path. It’s good if we meet people who embolden, motivate and inspire us to put our ideas into action. Leading an independent, self-determined life brings satisfaction, joy and happiness.

We seek to encourage dedicated, motivated individuals facing difficult situations in life to realize their potential and to open doors to a better future. The building blocks that lead to this are:


We develop further education programs that facilitate integration into the job world.


We network with partner organizations to bring our business ideas to fruition.


We promote integration by making the requirements for participation in our economic, social and cultural life available to people temporarily experiencing difficult situations.


Project realization is enabled through fundraising.


COURAGE YOUR WAY is a non-profit, politically independent and non-denominational organization. The organization’s purpose is to encourage motivated individuals, particularly those with a migrant background, to recognize their potential and develop the ability to lead a self-determining life.


Evi Gericke

«What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?»
(Vincent van Gogh)

Supported by a stable environment, I had the courage to take the risk of making my dream of establishing my own school a reality – and I was successful. Now, I would like to encourage others to also discover and further develop their potential. I am happy to accompany people on their paths to happiness and success.


Andrea Isler

«One should not fear courage»
(Maja Wicki)

I have been very fortunate in life. By nature I am energetic and courageous, and my humor and optimism sustain me. I have fun collaborating with motivated people to make a difference, find innovative solutions and put these into practice.

Managing Partner COURAGE YOUR WAY

Manuela Steiner

«Being rich comes from accomplishing something!»

Through COURAGE YOUR WAY my desire is to give those who are less “rich” a renewed sense of worth and support them in capitalizing on their potential and strengthening their place in society. This is accomplished through innovative projects in which we bring together fascinating people and further develop their ideas.


Your donation supports us in making the organization’s purpose a reality.

Encouragement for motivated individuals in difficult situations. The organization is focused on education and further education programs that facilitate the swift integration of such individuals into business, culture and society. The organization advocates the strengthening of values such as courage, openness and societal involvement.

Members will receive information on our activities via our newsletter, FRIENDS OF COURAGE YOUR WAY (available in German only).

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You can choose an individual membership (1 person) or a family membership (maximum of 4 persons in the same household), or become a COURAGE YOUR WAY donor. Donations from non-members are also welcome.

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Our partners support us with their know-how, ideas and enthusiastic collaboration.