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Using our experience, energy and passion, we would like to professionally and responsibly contribute to overcoming the challenges facing society today. We all have the talent and potential to realize our dreams. Sometimes it takes courage to follow one’s own path. It’s good if we meet people who embolden, motivate and inspire us to put our ideas into action. Leading an independent, self-determined life brings satisfaction, joy and happiness.

We seek to encourage dedicated, motivated individuals facing difficult situations in life to realize their potential and to open doors to a better future. The building blocks that lead to this are:


When we look for a job and want to be successful in the job world, our competence and knowledge must be up to date. COURAGE YOUR WAY develops training and further education programs that specifically make these important requirements attainable. We know that confidence in one’s abilities, the belief that something can be achieved, or even quite simply, self-confidence – more than prior knowledge and intelligence – are of utmost importance for learning at any age. For this reason, COURAGE YOUR WAY not only promotes training and further education programs that facilitate professional integration, but also increased self-confidence among all individuals interested in the programs. It is precisely during those difficult moments in life that one needs motivational support in order to embark on a training program or further education and persevere. We know that taking successful steps in this direction leads to more courage in all areas of life. Developing training programs and promoting self-confidence among those interested in completing the programs and seeing it through is one of COURAGE YOUR WAY’s overriding social objectives.


Our goal is to encourage and stand by those individuals who are going through difficult times and who are no longer or not yet socially and economically integrated. We promote their integration by making the requirements for participation in our economic, social and cultural life available to them. This is achieved through education and further education and requires the motivation and the will of those involved to deal with current demands of life and the courage to adapt. Successful integration is based on mutual respect and tolerance.


We network with partner organizations to bring our business ideas to fruition.


Project realization is enabled through fundraising.