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COURAGE YOUR WAY is a non-profit, politically independent and non-denominational organization. The organization’s purpose is to encourage motivated individuals, particularly those with a migrant background, to recognize their potential and develop the ability to lead a self-determining life.


Evi Gericke

«What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?»
(Vincent van Gogh)

Supported by a stable environment, I had the courage to take the risk of making my dream of establishing my own school a reality – and I was successful. Now, I would like to encourage others to also discover and further develop their potential. I am happy to accompany people on their paths to happiness and success.


After beginning my career as a primary school teacher in a multicultural environment, I experienced first-hand as founder and owner of a language school how important learning a language is to sustainable integration. My experience lies in entrepreneurial leadership within a pedagogical enterprise and I am well-versed in interacting with individuals of very different cultures and social backgrounds. Promoting languages is not only one of my core competencies, but also a personal desire.


Andrea Isler

«One should not fear courage.»
(Maja Wicki)

I have been very fortunate in life. By nature I am energetic and courageous, and my humor and optimism sustain me. I have fun collaborating with motivated people to make a difference, find innovative solutions and put these into practice.


As Director of Human Resources and Strategy Expert in national and international contexts, I have worked with clients from very diverse industries, utilizing my organizational knowledge and expertise in change processes. As Managing Director and Member of the Executive Board of a financial services company, my entrepreneurial competencies were proven. I led highly diversified teams and worked in Switzerland, the UK and throughout Europe as well as in the US and Asia. I hold a Master’s degree in History and in Economics and Law.

Managing Partner COURAGE YOUR WAY

Manuela Steiner

«Being rich comes from accomplishing something!»

Through COURAGE YOUR WAY my desire is to give those who are less “rich” a renewed sense of worth and support them in capitalizing on their potential and strengthening their place in society. This is accomplished through innovative projects in which we bring together fascinating people and further develop their ideas.


For years I have led a foundation for personal development. Through seminars we develop self-awareness and awareness of ones environment thereby promoting self-responsibility. Previously I worked for a large Swiss bank in Switzerland and abroad. Among other responsibilities, I led various international projects and teams within human resources. I enjoy taking on new topics and working with people from diverse areas. I expect high quality and have a heightened awareness of interpersonal processes. My family, my dog and nature are my most important sources of energy.


Our partners support us with their know-how, ideas and enthusiastic collaboration